It's A Bunnie Thang

   I know that you will want to cuddle your new bunnie but as hard as it may be, a bunnie can
     stress if handled too much- especially if it is new to your home. It is better to let the bunnie
     get used to its new surroundings without being handled for the first few 
                      You'll have lots of time to enjoy and cuddle your bunnie after!
Feel free to contact me with any questions when you purchase a bunnie from me.....
  Before a bunnie goes to a new home, I always make sure they are weaned properly, and doing
    well on their own. Some bunnies will come available sooner than others, and will be posted on the sale page as they come available.
                                                Babies have began arriving: Pictured below are some that are currently in the nestbox. More litters are currently expected. Pictures will be updated as they grow quickly. Pictures of them will be moved to the sale page as soon as they become available.

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